Cesspit Emptier Trailer

Cesspit emptier semi trailer is designed for collecting and delivering cesspit and muddy liquids. Cesspit emptier semi trailer consist sub frame that connected with the tank, one cylindirical tank, a tail gate under the tank and vacuum installation that takes its action from PTO. U profile sub chassis is installed on truck chassis. Tank is made of steel plate as cylindirical Tank is united from inside and outside sources by accompanied to front tank and rear cambered to the tank. Enough breakwaters are located in tank as connected by bolts. Tank is connected with bearing elements to over sub chassis by suitable slope. Tail gate is connected to tank by top hinges and it opens to up by hydraulic cylinder and hydraulic hand pump.

The sealing can be supplied referring to tail gate cesspit emptier size by suitable pressing system by flywheel. Vacuum pump is connected to near truck chassis as easy reachable. The movement is reached to vacuum pump from PTO. PTO command is in truck cabinet. Vacummetre is located at suitable place of vacuum installation. Safety valve is located at vacuum installation.

Chassis and axles are produced referring to highway and TSE norms. Jack arms are worked parallely, double speed, wide wedge, telescopic, static has 50 ton- dynamic 25 ton capacity.