Garbage Semi Trailer


Garbage Semi Trailer


Garbage semi trailer is used for collecting and delivering the garbages to garbage unloading areas.that come from garbage stations

Body Capacity

40 m3  - 0  m3


ST 37.2 quality plate ( Floor, side walls, roof )

Tail Gate

Made of ST 37.2 plate. The body is closed from the tail tap.
A gasket is used for sealing procedure that located between body and tail gate. Tail gate opens to up as hydraulic.

Pressing- Unloading Episode

It is used for pressing the garbage that moves as pararelly in body and the garbage filling from front top tap. One hydraulic cylinder is used for pressing step.

Loading Tap

There is a filling tap top of front body opening by hydraulic cylinder

Chassis - Axle

Chassis, axle, suspension, brake system and electrical installation are used referring to high way and TSE norms.

Jack Outriggers

Paralel Jack outriggers, wide wedge, double speed, telescopic are used.

Hydraulic Installation

Hydraulic system is used by minimum 57 HP diesel engine